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Back to School Skate Session

11 Sep

College freshmen, Prince Lang and Pete Betti do some serious shredding.

By Rob Rodrigues, September 11, 2013

I met up with Prince Lang and Pete Betti during Labor Day weekend. I spent a few hours with them at a couple of locations, taking photos of their Rad skating. Below are some of the highlights from the day.

Prince & Pete

Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass. Prince Ollies Pete’s Pogo at LES skate park.

Pete #4

Prince #4

Pete #1

Prince #2

Pete #2

Prince #5

Pete #3

Prince #3

Weird Skateboarding in the Summer, With Pete Betti

5 Sep

SURE Instructor, Pete Betti, continues his seasonal video series

Pete just released the summer episode of Weird Skateboarding. The third installment of this series builds off the Winter and Spring episodes. These self-produced videos feature Pete’s unique and technical approach toward skateboarding.  The Fall is here, Pete is charging up the batteries for the next filming and editing sessions. Stay Tuned!

Click here to check out the trick by trick lists for all three videos.

Pete Betti

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