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Bustin Boards Custom Graphics Program Now Available For Street Decks

11 Jan

By Rob Rodrigues


STREET ISSUES – First Generation Bustin Street Boards & Graphics. Click to enlarge.

I’ve been involved with Bustin Boards for several years. Working with them to develop and promote the brand, their mission is in line with SURE’s. With my main focus on the NYC market and developing Street Skating. I’m proud to announce that our Street shapes are being added to the online customization program for 2017.

Online customization for Bustin’s longboard and Cruiser shapes has been an important part of the company’s success over the years. Along with City Centered Push//Commuter boards, these two strengths have helped bring Bustin to the top of the Longboard market. Now they are bringing the customization experience Forward For All.

The updated website is a blast to use. Check it out as I bring you through the easy steps below. Then jump over BustinBoards.com and have some fun getting creative with design & color. Take some screen shots along the way to share. Continue reading

Check Out Rachelle Vinberg!

28 Apr

Reposted From Bustin Boards

Krook at Knickerbocker in Bushwick Brooklyn. Photo; Rob Rodrigues

Krook at Knickerbocker in Bushwick Brooklyn. Photo; Rob Rodrigues

Rachelle Vinberg is from Long Island. She skates the Bustin 8.0″ Street Series. Rachelle is in NYC every weekend and will be moving into Brooklyn for college this September. We’re looking forward to having her shred with the rest of the Bustin Street Crew. Rachelle will also be helping teach SURE Skateboards lessons starting in September.

Kickflip at Chelsea Piers Skatepark. Photo;Rob Rodrigues

Kickflip at Chelsea Piers Skatepark. Photo;Rob Rodrigues

Lots of Freshness will be pouring out of the NYC team this summer, give @bustinstreetcrew an Instagram follow to stay in the loop.

Contact; rob@sureskateboards.com


SURE Skateboards Founder Producing iPhone Video Series for Brooklyn’s Bustin Boards

21 Mar

SURE Skateboards owner and founder, Rob Rodrigues is filming and editing  a collection of skate videos for Bustin Boards. The series of short videos are intended to highlight the 2014 Bustin equipment lineup being ridden by local New York riders in and around the city. The videos are being shot entirely with an iPhone 5s for viewing on YouTube.

Rob shared his thoughts on using his phone for production. “The iPhone along with the inexpensive Olloclip lens system helps to keep the video clips relatively small in file size. This makes the editing process much quicker.” He added. “These videos are intended to look ‘low res’ and keep a raw street feel.”

The intention is to release several more episodes during the spring and summer season. Checkout the Bustin Boards Youtube Channel for these and all of their Video productions.

Longer Daze Part 1, Released July 10th.

Bustin Boombox, released on March 18th.

Bustin YoFace 32″, released on March 7th.

A compilation of short Instagram videos shot and edited on the iPhone 5s

*Some of the skateboarders in the videos elect not to wear helmets while riding. SURE Skateboards advocates the use of helmets.

Greener Pastures, Offshore

20 Sep
Episode one of the Greener Pastures, Offshore series released this week.

 Canadian downhill racing champion, Patrick Switzer, has just released the first episode of the latest Greener Pastures video series. Titled “The Island”, this first installment of Offshore focuses on the social aspects of skateboarding. It features a crew of internationally known Longboard skaters interacting with each other and the residents of the island community. This beautifully filmed video portrays the excitement of bringing talent to new locations for mutual inspiration.


Find out more and follow the adventures of Greener Pastures at,


Patrick and Tamara

 Series Art director, Tamara Prader and Producer, Patrick Switzer.

Skater Focus – Steven Vera

15 Sep

By Rob Rodrigues, September 15, 2013

18 year old, Steven Vera, has been ripping as a sponsored longboard skater for over two years. His style is “crossing borders and bridging gaps”. This kid is binging his flavor to the table and earning longboard respect from all areas of the skateboarding industry. Vera is also making a big splash with younger skaters, might be because he’s super Rad and super Chill. Peep a couple SURE photos of the man on the rise to watch.

Steven Headshot


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