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Kyle Matthew Hamilton Skateboards on Wonderama

24 Jan

“Wonderama,” the enduring and iconic studio – audience participation show that entertained families for over four decades, marks its triumphant comeback to television on PIX11.

SURE Skateboards Instructor Kyle Hamilton made an appearance showcasing his skate skills on episode #3 of the series relaunch of Wonderama last Sunday.

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Bustin Boards Custom Graphics Program Now Available For Street Decks

11 Jan

By Rob Rodrigues


STREET ISSUES – First Generation Bustin Street Boards & Graphics. Click to enlarge.

I’ve been involved with Bustin Boards for several years. Working with them to develop and promote the brand, their mission is in line with SURE’s. With my main focus on the NYC market and developing Street Skating. I’m proud to announce that our Street shapes are being added to the online customization program for 2017.

Online customization for Bustin’s longboard and Cruiser shapes has been an important part of the company’s success over the years. Along with City Centered Push//Commuter boards, these two strengths have helped bring Bustin to the top of the Longboard market. Now they are bringing the customization experience Forward For All.

The updated website is a blast to use. Check it out as I bring you through the easy steps below. Then jump over and have some fun getting creative with design & color. Take some screen shots along the way to share. Continue reading

2016 Holiday Buyers Guide: “Grom Gear”

19 Nov

Our Friends over at Bustin Boards just published a helpful little piece about their products that are good for younger skaters.

Click Through To Get Some Helpful Insight.

SURE Skateboards student and recently turned Bustin Team Rider, Luca Zeolla. Photo; Khaleeq Alfred

SURE Skateboards student and recently turned Bustin Team Rider, Luca Zeolla. Photo; Khaleeq Alfred

Grom Patrol: Jacsen Kutik

11 Nov

Eight Year Old Jacsen Kutik Joins the Bustin Boards Team



Click here to get to know this Little Ripper


(917) 538 4084

Learning to Ollie – Basic Skateboarding Skills

18 Oct

Nika Kopaleishvili executes an Ollie in New Cork City with excellent lower and upper body form.

Nika Kopaleishvili executes an Ollie in New York City with excellent lower and upper body form.

“The ollie is an aerial skateboard maneuver performed by a combination of movements. Pictured is SURE instructor Nika Kopaleishvili putting those movements to work. The first, depicted in pictures 1-3, is a compression of the legs and  knees. The next in frame 4, a snapping of the skateboard tail. The last, a wave like jump (5-9) that moves Nika and his skateboard up into the air and safely back down.” 

–  Pete Betti

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