Bustin Boards Custom Graphics Program Now Available For Street Decks

11 Jan

By Rob Rodrigues


STREET ISSUES – First Generation Bustin Street Boards & Graphics. Click to enlarge.

I’ve been involved with Bustin Boards for several years. Working with them to develop and promote the brand, their mission is in line with SURE’s. With my main focus on the NYC market and developing Street Skating. I’m proud to announce that our Street shapes are being added to the online customization program for 2017.

Online customization for Bustin’s longboard and Cruiser shapes has been an important part of the company’s success over the years. Along with City Centered Push//Commuter boards, these two strengths have helped bring Bustin to the top of the Longboard market. Now they are bringing the customization experience Forward For All.

The updated website is a blast to use. Check it out as I bring you through the easy steps below. Then jump over BustinBoards.com and have some fun getting creative with design & color. Take some screen shots along the way to share.

designing custom skateboards

Each of our custom boards is hand-printed, signed and numbered by one of our artists here at Bustin HQ. It’s then sealed for protection with an eco-friendly lacquer and assembled with the trucks, wheels and bearings that YOU chose.

Click customize, check out a little about how the program works, then choose a board to get started.


Twenty Two fresh graphic options currently available for the Street Deck Program.

Take the board that you’re interested in, click customize to see graphic design options.


Play around with the multiple color options to find what you like. Take a look at the new Artist Finish option as well.

Play with base colors or an Artist Finish, experiment with layer colors and find the comination that pops in your imagination.


Steps three thru five adds the trucks, bearings, and wheels to your complete setup.

With your deck color choices instantly rendered on screen, you’re ready to add Bustin’s truck, bearing and wheel options. Also illustrated for the best customer experience.

Add the complete to your cart and your good to go. Checkout is simple and secure. Have Fun!

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