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Egyptian Skateboarding: Featuring Kyle Matthew Hamilton

10 Mar

SURE Skateboards instructor and Shut Skateboards Pro Team rider, Kyle Hamilton shares a video and some thoughts during his recent trip to Egypt

Video Published on Mar 6, 2016
“While performing in an international theatre show, the cast and myself had the pleasure of exploring Giza, Egypt. During a day of visiting the local attractions, I took the opportunity to use my skills as a professional skateboarder to skate around parts of the city. As I was skating during the downtime of visiting a papyrus museum, a large group of local children approached me, with overwhelming interest and curiosity. They were intrigued and obviously itching to see what this board with four wheels was. After briefly talking with our tour guide, I was informed that there was zero skateboarding culture in Egypt and that none of them had ever witnessed a skateboard. Immediately, without myself knowing a lick of the Arabic language and not a single child in this large group knowing any English, we forged a beautiful friendship as I took time to teach and allow them to experience the magic that is skateboarding. Every one of them beamed with excitement, each time they stood on my board. Out of all the children I’ve ever taught skateboarding to, these children were the most passionate and endearing group I’ve ever come across. We finally ended our impromptu skateboard lesson, with such heavy hearts and admiration towards one another. How wonderful it is that cultures can intertwine over something as simple as a toy! I love skateboarding. :)”

– Kyle Hamilton


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Spring 2016 Skateboarding

2 Mar

Warmer weather is just around the corner. After school group and individual skateboard lessons are going to start back up early in april. Weekend lessons and drop in clinics will start as well. We are looking forward to another great season.

Adam and Benjamin

Adam and Benjamin at Chelsea Piers Skate Park.



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1 Mar

Pete Betti Crushes it Once Again!

His latest video collaboration with the Braille Skateboarding YouTube Channel.

2015 Bustin Street Crew Instagram Video Recap

1 Mar

By Rob Rodrigues

*Some of the skateboarders in this video elect not to wear helmets while riding. SURE Skateboards advocates the use of helmets.


2015 NYC Instagram Video Clip Compilation from the Bustin Street Crew. Skaters Prince Lang, Andy Millien, Eddie Henriquez, Dave Anders, and Pete Betti. Guest skaters Dillon Collins, Luis Tolentino, and Stephan Lewis destroy it as well.
Video & Edits by Rob Rodrigues and Prince Lang.


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