Helmet Cam View of Downhill Skateboarding

17 May

Sunday May 11th 2014

The Red Bull Big Drop in Reading, PA was a lot of fun on a mild but super fun hill?  With lots of passing opportunities and 1.5 miles of road each race heat was anyones for the taking.  Shout out toScott Hurdleston reppin’ Amish Downhill for wearing the Gnarpographer 3000 crew in the finals!

Final Results:
1. Billy Bones Meiners
2. Jonas Richter
3. Niko Desmarais
4. Scott Hurdleston
5. Max Vickers
6. Max Wipperman

The Red Bull Big Drop at the Pagoda took place May 11, 2014 in Reading, PA and was hosted by Community Bikes & Boards

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