Kyle Matthew Hamilton – The Skateboarding Globetrotter

25 Oct

Kyle Hamilton’s new video mixes skateboarding and basketball antics with a retro kitschy comic appeal.

Kyle Hamilton put his latest video together to highlight his skills and showmanship with the thought of possibly appealing to productions like Cirque du Soleil. Cirque has been known to use skateboarders in their shows. Massachusetts pro freestyle skater, Terry Synnott, recently did a successful four season run with Cirque’s Wintuk show in NYC.

Kyle likes to act the part of the class clown, but his underlying skateboarding skills are clearly grounded with a rock solid style. His Harlem Globetrotter basketball skills seem nearly impossible to layer on top some of the freestyle moves executed in his new video.

Kyle Impossible

Boosting an Ollie Impossible in NYC. Kyle also appears in the current issue of Concrete wave magazine. Photo, Rob Rodrigues

Kyle Handstand

He has been known to where long pants during the colder months. Rail handstand kick flip. Photo, Rob Rodrigues.

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