Inspection Station! Nollie Tre to Casper

5 Oct

We took a 5 frame per second photo sequence to do a quick & simple break down of Pete Betti’s not so simple Nollie Tre Flip to Casper.

Pete BettiSURE Skateboards instructor, Pete Betti executes his complex flat ground technical move.

Click here to see the high resolution photo.

What’s really going on here – The understandable description

Rolling forward with his front foot toward the nose of the board, Pete, launches his body and the board upward. At the same time his body is moving away from the ground, his feet and legs direct the elevating skateboard to spin a 360 degree horizontal rotation and a half flip vertical rotation. Pete then catches the board in Casper (upside down, with the back foot on the tail and the front foot hooked underneath). From Casper, the board is relaunched upward with a 180 degree half flip rotation. The end result, Pete is back on his board and rolling away.

Skateboarding is for everyone. Get Out There and Skate! You don’t need to do complex tricks to be a success. Get comfortable, roll around, cruise and flow, that’s the simple beauty of skating.

Rob Rodrigues,

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