Rise to Stardom – Bronx Native Moving Through the National Ranks as a Junior Downhill Skateboard Racer

3 Aug

16 year old Bronx, NY resident DeJaune Jones is making waves and turning heads in a mostly west-coast dominated downhill skateboarding scene.


DeJaune leads the pack at the Maryhill Festival of Speed. Photo, Khaleeq Alfred

(PRWEB) July 17, 2013 – Rob Rodrigues

16 year old, Highbridge Bronx resident, DeJaune Jones has been making a splash in Downhill Skateboarding locally for a couple of race seasons. Downhill racing has been growing rapidly out of the Longboard segment of the skate industry for several years now. Dejaune took 2nd place in the Junior division of the Guama Downhill race back in January during a trip to Puerto Rico. In April, DeJaune proved himself as a threat to racers of all ages by winning the Pro Open division at New Jersey’s own Major Stok’em.

Up until recently, 50 plus mile per hour downhill skateboarding was largely dominated by racers from the west coast of the United States and Canada. DeJaune recently opened a lot of eyes by taking the Junior’s division first place spot at the Maryhill Festival of Speed in Goldendale, Washington, the USA’s largest and most famous race. Maryhill had serious racers of all ages attending from all over the world.

DeJaune skating in NYC

DeJaune demonstrates Free Ride sliding techniques on a Brooklyn hill. Photo, Rob Rodrigues.

Downhill skateboarding takes nerves of steel and fierce technical control, racing down a hill in a tight competitive pack is very dangerous and requires athletic skill, conditioning and training. New York City is a part of the country that is relatively flat compared to other mountainous regions. DeJaune spends a lot of time taking day and weekend trips out to hillier parts of the tri-state area in order to try and simulate the speed conditions he will be facing as he starts to attend more top tier competitions.

DeJaune is sponsored by several equipment manufactures including Brooklyn’s own Bustin Boards. Bustin has been growing fast as a skateboard and longboard company and has been working closely with several talented young riders to establish a global presence with equipment and skate talent. The company’s focus on developing longboard products geared towards downhill skating along with their sponsorship of dozens of East Coast events is one of the reasons that the sport of downhill skateboarding has begun to flourish amongst east coast riders.    

With a focus and commitment, Dejaune has a potentially amazing career ahead of him in a growing discipline that is also proving to be an exciting spectator sport.

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