Urban Skateboard Brakes

29 Sep

Add On Rubber Soles for Foot Braking

Crunched between two touristy shops at One St. Marks Place is East Village Shoe Repair, a bustling hole in the wall remnant of old school New York city. Owned and operated by Boris, this place is a destination for seekers of vintage sneakers. It’s also a place where you can have some extra rubber added on to your footwear for a much extended life.

East Village Shoe Repair

If you have your skateboard set up for faster pace cruising to get around the city you know that carving and sliding to slow down are not usually an option when you’re pinched between traffic and approaching pedestrians. The basic instinct of Foot Braking is often the best solution for stopping. But foot braking eats through soles. So Boris worked with my friend Theseus Williams to find a simple low cost solution that makes sneakers last much longer.


Master Craftsman Boris in his Laboratory

Bring your sneakers into Boris’ work shop, it takes about an hour and you will be set to go. There is a thick rubber and a thinner rubber available. I usually go for the thicker option because it lasts longer but it does also effect the flexibility of the sole. Either way, if you use foot braking as part of your traffic navigation then this will save you lots of money on sneakers.


Sneakers with the braking rubber added to the left foot

East village Shoe repair is located at 1 Saint Marks Place in NYC. Open 1pm -9pm daily. Phone # 212-529-8339 – contact info@sureskateboards.com for discount information.

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  1. Muffin Man October 25, 2012 at 12:20 am #

    what a great place! Peep the cupcakes!!! ccbelieve.com

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