New Jersey Longboarder on the Home Stretch Pushing Across the United States

19 Sep

Montvale New Jersey resident Sasha Popper has been on a mission to skate from New York city to San Diego California. He left on August 1st in the rain from Brooklyn with two other team members. The team and mission titled A-Cross America has since been fragmented and Sasha has been leading the way currently in Tucson Arizona with less than 400 miles to go to make it to San Diego. Sasha’s goal was to average 60 miles per day conditions permitting.

Sasha Popper

Sasha on the open road somewhere in America

A-Cross America skated down the eastern states, across Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana where Sasha had to outrun hurricane Isaac into Texas.


The route that Sasha is taking

Once he arrives in San Diego Sasha will rest up, reload and compete in the Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon on October 20th.

This cross country trip is sponsored by the Shralpers Union, Vans, Adrenalina and several other private donors. Please pledge additional support for the rest of the skate west, the time up until the Adrenalina marathon and the return back home. Donations are accepted through the Shralper’s Website.


Navigating with the help of a local

Follow the rest of this amazing journey on A-Cross America’s Facebook Page, there is daily updates.

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  1. Di Dootson Rose September 24, 2012 at 2:06 pm #

    I live in SD and a group of us are interested in celebrating him when he gets here: cheers, dinner, something!! How do we get in touch to help plan a reception?

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