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Urban Skateboard Brakes

29 Sep

Add On Rubber Soles for Foot Braking

Crunched between two touristy shops at One St. Marks Place is East Village Shoe Repair, a bustling hole in the wall remnant of old school New York city. Owned and operated by Boris, this place is a destination for seekers of vintage sneakers. It’s also a place where you can have some extra rubber added on to your footwear for a much extended life.

East Village Shoe Repair

If you have your skateboard set up for faster pace cruising to get around the city you know that carving and sliding to slow down are not usually an option when you’re pinched between traffic and approaching pedestrians. The basic instinct of Foot Braking is often the best solution for stopping. But foot braking eats through soles. So Boris worked with my friend Theseus Williams to find a simple low cost solution that makes sneakers last much longer.


Master Craftsman Boris in his Laboratory

Bring your sneakers into Boris’ work shop, it takes about an hour and you will be set to go. There is a thick rubber and a thinner rubber available. I usually go for the thicker option because it lasts longer but it does also effect the flexibility of the sole. Either way, if you use foot braking as part of your traffic navigation then this will save you lots of money on sneakers.


Sneakers with the braking rubber added to the left foot

East village Shoe repair is located at 1 Saint Marks Place in NYC. Open 1pm -9pm daily. Phone # 212-529-8339 – contact for discount information.

New Jersey Longboarder on the Home Stretch Pushing Across the United States

19 Sep

Montvale New Jersey resident Sasha Popper has been on a mission to skate from New York city to San Diego California. He left on August 1st in the rain from Brooklyn with two other team members. The team and mission titled A-Cross America has since been fragmented and Sasha has been leading the way currently in Tucson Arizona with less than 400 miles to go to make it to San Diego. Sasha’s goal was to average 60 miles per day conditions permitting.

Sasha Popper

Sasha on the open road somewhere in America

A-Cross America skated down the eastern states, across Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana where Sasha had to outrun hurricane Isaac into Texas.


The route that Sasha is taking

Once he arrives in San Diego Sasha will rest up, reload and compete in the Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon on October 20th.

This cross country trip is sponsored by the Shralpers Union, Vans, Adrenalina and several other private donors. Please pledge additional support for the rest of the skate west, the time up until the Adrenalina marathon and the return back home. Donations are accepted through the Shralper’s Website.


Navigating with the help of a local

Follow the rest of this amazing journey on A-Cross America’s Facebook Page, there is daily updates.

A New World Downhill Skateboard Speed Record

17 Sep

Mischo Erban set a new downhill skateboard speed record of 80.74 miles per hour. 10.5 miles per hour faster than the previous record. Here is a link to the ESPN write up with some more details.

Check out this video from Mischo’s helmet mounted camera

Da Dipstick by Bolt – Spring Loaded SUP Stick

15 Sep

SUP (Stand Up Paddle) skating is being lunged forward with Bolt’s new Dipstick. 

Having not worked my upper body since prior to an injury last February I finally got to take this thing for a test run yesterday. I was able to push three miles without putting my feet down on the ground once. SUP is always a great core workout but with the spring and a free spinning wheel you really get some help with maintaining momentum and softening harsh upper body jarring that can come from traditional push sticks.

Da Dipstick

Da Dipstick is super sturdy and well crafted here in the USA. I will be putting it through more durability testing in the coming weeks but it seems like it is very rugged. Of course with the solid construction and innovative functioning parts it is heavier than a bamboo stick. I personally removed the upper section and replaced it with a common rubber handle that I found in an odds & ends box at a hardware store. This brought the weight down a bit. I had no problem using it my first day out.

It seems like Da Dipstick will be bringing new dimensions to downhill carving. Checkout this short promo video to get an idea of the possibilities. Also checkout Da Dipstick’s Website for more information and to see photos of what an Australian skater is doing with it.


Da Dipstick is available to demo and for sale at Uncle Funkys Board Shop in NYC. 128 Charles Street, Greenwich Village.

NYC Push Race to Break the One Mile Skateboard Record

4 Sep

Blue Sky Longboards is teaming up with Push Culture News to hold the Blue Sky Mile Challenge on October 19th. This is a closed course and bracketed tournament with competition heating up as the finals get closer during the evening.

Blue Sky is happening on the Friday of the Broadway Bomb weekend. There will be several other events in NYC on Saturday and Sunday. SURE Skateboards is a sponsor for The Blue Sky race because it represents the next level of validation in organized  skate race competition in the NYC area. The first of many to races come, the event is sanctioned by the International Distance Skateboard Association (IDSA).

Last year more than 1,000 skaters participated in the Broadway Bomb, we are expecting competitors from all over the world to come out for the Friday race to try and officially break Marc Juvinall’s current record of 3:46.9. I predict a new record that night, the Push Race Skate Discipline has been fired up lately.

This will be a spectator friendly event free for the public to attend. A short ferry ride from lower Manhattan overlooking downtown and the Statue of Liberty. Email info@sureskateboards for further information.

Blue Sky Mile Challenge————————

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