Creative Direction – Cameron Martin

17 Jul

Cameron Martin is a Seattle, Washington native, a Brooklyn based artist and a former Professional Freestyle Skateboarder for Powell Peralta’s Bones Brigade.

I met Cameron at a contest out west when he was still in high school. We clicked pretty quickly and it was Totally Rad when he ventured east to study at New York University. We would then spend countless hours skating together at Union Square in Manhattan.

Cameron was groomed for innovative thinking and hard work from a young age. Despite him being a few years younger than me he was always a mentor and taught me so much about competitive training and focus. Things like mental rehearsal, visualization and intense physical conditioning. Cameron always shared his work values, they stuck with me and are still applied everyday in my life.

Cameron Martin

Cameron effortlessly floating a multiple kickflip in 1990. See the video below for a better explanation.

Growing restless at NYU Cameron moved on to study Art at Brown University in Providence, RI. After graduating Brown he went on to have solo exhibitions around the world and several at Manhattan’s Greenberg Van Doren Gallery.

Cameron’s paintings resonate with me, he has a keen way of breaking life’s beautiful elements down in a pure yet mysterious way. Once referred to by a fellow gallery visitor as a “Master of Gradients“, I would agree.

Deliution 2006

Deliution, Cameron Martin, 2006

It’s always an inspiration to walk into the Van Doren during one of Cameron’s exhibitions. His work fills the naturally lit space quite well.


Valtresk, Cameron Martin, 2007

Cameron’s segment in the Bones Brigade video, Ban This

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