Timeless Passage – Monty Nolder – Never Ending Shredder

12 Jul
Monty Nolder - Sweeper

Monty Ripping a Big Sweeper to Tail. He is a king of what I call “Step Off Tricks”. Photo courtesy of Jim Goodrich.

Growing up in Miami back in the day, I would spend all of my time at The Runway, my local skatepark. As soon as the park got up and running and the locals established it as their territory our team was put together. One of the original riders to be put on the team along with me was a young hearing impaired kid from the Cutler Ridge section of Miami, Monty Nolder. Monty soon got a reputation for being an Aggressive and Fearless skater. Even on the totally abrasive, uneven and kinked surfaces of the notorious Runway Monty was always pushing himself to break new ground.

Monty, Invert

Monty nailing a Cross Channel Hand Plant

One weekend early in our careers we all ventured up to Solid Surf skate park in Ft. Lauderdale for a pretty important regional skate contest. It was a big weekend for us then “Groms“. Tony Alva, Brad Bowman, Steve Olsen and a few other pro skaters came in from California to be celebrity guest judges. One thing that made me see the awesome potential of a very young Monty was the fact that during the after-contest Pro’s Skate Jam he was totally ripping it apart in the Solid Surf Pool with the same aggression as these established pros. That got him an immediate level of respect, he was able to hang with them.

Monty's Hosoi Ad

After a I returned from a 4 year break from skating I open up a magazine and see this. Yeah Monty!!!

Fast Forward – I moved to NYC to go to art school, Monty moved to California to keep ripping. I jumped back into the skate scene after a four year break and pursued freestyle skateboarding. I walked into my local Manhattan news stand and opened up a copy of Transworld Skateboard magazine. There was a two page spread of Monty busting out a huge air.

During our early days of skating and driving around Florida to different skate contests Monty was laying out the groundwork for what he would become famous for. Big Air, Aggressive Lip Tricks and an Off the Hook Style.

Years later the Original Runway Skateboard Team reunited a few times to hangout, skate and catch up on things. On those occasions Monty was still shredding with the same Mega-Big style. His trucks are still always ground to the axel.

Original Runway Team

The Original Runway Team reconvenes once again.
Left – Right; Shawn Webster, Monty Nolder, Wayne Hildreth. Robbie Weir & Rob Rodrigues.

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