World Class Downhill Racing Comes to New York

15 Jun

I Love Downhill Grand Prix

Some of the best downhill skateboard racers in the world will converge on Windham Mountain the 23rd & 24th of this month for the I Love Downhill Grand Prix. Downhill racing has been gaining a lot of momentum the last few years and is also proving to be a great spectator sport. It’s pretty awesome to see people flying down a hill at 50 plus miles per hour on a skateboard. It takes extreme skill and nerves of steel to handle turns and corners in a pack of racers at high speed.

The Windham race is a big deal for the east coast because it’s sanctioned by the IGSA (International Gravity Sports Association). Top riders from around the world are registered to race. Guys like Patrick Switzer, James Kelly and Lois Pilloni to name a few. There are also many riders from the NYC area that have been working on their downhill game that will be competing.

 If you can’t make it up to the mountain for this great event, watch for news coverage of this and many big events by my friends at Push Culture.

Patrick Switzer

2011 IGSA World Champion Patrick Switzer full speed ahead at 53mph. Photo Courtesy of Michael Hausler

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