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Rider Spotlight – Jonas Richter – Downhill Skateboarder

28 Jun

Jonas Richter is 17 years old, he is from Porto Alegre Brazil and rides for NYC’s Bustin Boards. I got to know Jonas pretty well during his first visit to the United States in January of this year. Jonas is an all around great skateboarder with a focus on Downhill Racing and Free Riding.

This “Brazilian Whiz Kid” has done very well in races and competitions in South America. So well that he was granted a deferred studies waiver in order to represent Brazil as an international skateboard racer. Jonas is in the middle of a three month North American tour. He has been at several big events in the Vancouver BC area. Last weekend he made his way to New York to compete at the Windham Downhill race. This week he is out in Goldendale Washington for the United States’ most famous downhill event, the Maryhill Festival of Speed.

Jonas is at a critical age. At 17 he is still allowed to compete in the Junior division. He has several Junior’s wins, most recently at the Britannia Classic last month. Jonas has also been competing in the Pro Open division. He is doing very well standing up against the world’s top racers. He has earned the respect of everyone in the industry. At the Windham race last week he qualified with the 8th fastest time on the course. That’s out of a field of over 100 competitors.

This is an awesome time for all disciplines of skateboarding. Talented young riders like Jonas represent the future of the sport. Hard work and a good attitude will take kids like him to the top. Sure Skateboards says Viva Jonas!!!

Jonas Richter

Jonas heading into a sharp left downhill turn at 40 plus MPH

Jonas & Rob

Bustin Boards team manager, Rob Rodrigues & Jonas say goodbye before he heads back out west for more races

Great little video from the Brazilian Whiz Kid’s first visit to NYC

World Class Downhill Racing Comes to New York

15 Jun

I Love Downhill Grand Prix

Some of the best downhill skateboard racers in the world will converge on Windham Mountain the 23rd & 24th of this month for the I Love Downhill Grand Prix. Downhill racing has been gaining a lot of momentum the last few years and is also proving to be a great spectator sport. It’s pretty awesome to see people flying down a hill at 50 plus miles per hour on a skateboard. It takes extreme skill and nerves of steel to handle turns and corners in a pack of racers at high speed.

The Windham race is a big deal for the east coast because it’s sanctioned by the IGSA (International Gravity Sports Association). Top riders from around the world are registered to race. Guys like Patrick Switzer, James Kelly and Lois Pilloni to name a few. There are also many riders from the NYC area that have been working on their downhill game that will be competing.

 If you can’t make it up to the mountain for this great event, watch for news coverage of this and many big events by my friends at Push Culture.

Patrick Switzer

2011 IGSA World Champion Patrick Switzer full speed ahead at 53mph. Photo Courtesy of Michael Hausler

Skater Focus – Johnny Lozano – Sure Skateboards – NYC Skateboard Lessons

11 Jun

Johnny Lozano

Two weeks ago I was helping Maribeth McHugh teach her Sunday morning group lesson at the Houston street park. I started watching another skater in the park. I immediately noticed his ripping, steezy style and that he was consistently nailing very technical tricks. We started talking and he turned out to be a super nice and modest guy.

Johnny is from Houston Texas and skates for the Austin based Tekgnar Skate Shop. He is up in NYC studying law at New York University,this is his final year. He did his undergrad at the University of Texas in Austin, majoring in Political Science and Spanish. He’s also currently employed at a law firm doing litigation work.

I’m totally stoked to have Johnny join the Sure Skateboards Crew. As you can imagine he’s super busy with school and work so he will only be helping us out a little bit here and there. But more important, because Sure likes to use skateboarding as a medium that shows the value of hard work and consistent effort. We want to have him aligned with us as a positive example of a great skater and a hard working student.

Here’s a quote from Johnny regarding his NYC skate experiences;

“I love skating in NYC much more than Texas because you don’t have to drive to a skatepark; the whole city is a playground and New York seems to know how to take care of its skateboarders (the parks here are kept in great condition).”

Adam Crigler’s New Video For The Arbor Collective – Sure Skateboards – NYC Skateboard Lessons

9 Jun

Check Out Adam Crigler’s new video for the Arbor Collective. Adam is a professional level skateboarder and longboarder, many of the moves and tricks in this video are dangerous and not recommended for skaters to try at home. But Adam Shreds!!!

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